Struggling with life challenges and need someone to talk to? Our pastoral staff is here to encourage, support and give guidance to you. Get in touch with us via our Care Helpline. At the bereaved family’s request, we also provide practical help by assisting at the funeral and arranging pastoral support at the memorial service. Are you or your loved one (spouse, child, parent, sibling or grandparent) hospitalized? We are here to stand in faith with you.


Water Baptism

Water baptism identifies you with the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ. It signifies your death to your old life and marks your new identity in Christ. It is also a public declaration of your new birth and faith in the finished work of Jesus.


Marriage is God’s design and we desire to empower you and your future spouse with biblical and practical principles to enjoy a fulfilling and victorious married life! We invite both of you to participate in our specially tailored marriage preparation program, When Two Hearts Become One& Before You Say I do - This includes: A marriage preparation seminar - Pre-marital counseling sessions Holy matrimony officiated by one of our pastors Our pastor would love to meet, get to know and walk through this journey with both of you.

Baby Dedication

Congratulations on your newborn! While it is a joyous occasion, you may find that a little extra support or help might sometimes be needed. We’d love to connect you with our post-natal support group. This dedicated group comprises mums who are here to encourage you and walk this journey with you.